Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

December 1st

It is dark when we finish putting up the tree. We snuff out all lights in the room to set off its spruced-up, lit-up branches.

This is the same tree we’ve had for years and years. The same ole star on top. (Almost) the same ole flowers and angels and tinsels and bells. (Almost) the same ole garland of tiny dancing lights.

This is the same tree we twitted as being too scrawny and not tall enough when we first put it up 15 Christmases ago. The same tree I threaten to get rid of year after year, never mind if we went treeless.

Yet, today, there is something magically new and different in the same ole.

All because we are seeing it through the eyes of a two-month-old baby looking at her first Christmas tree.

Held up by her mom, she is wide-eyed with wonder. The lights begin to blink and she blinks, too, then gurgles. As her chuckle breaks through, I almost hear the laughter of the stars one silent, holy night, eons ago.

We all watch the little scene with a silly grin, awash with feelings too magical for words.

Nope, it isn’t just another Christmas.

It is Apo Andeng' s first.

Note: Thanks to Marthalee, scrab buddy from Britanny, for Andeng's outfit.


Gina said...

No,it's not just another Christmas, that's for sure. I bet it will be a very beautiful and memorable one. Andrea is so adorable. How her eyes look at the tree with wonder!

All the best to you and the family this Christmastime!

MrsPartyGirl said...

oohh how cute! :) i know, no matter how artless or ugly we decorate our tree, it always holds in wonder all the kids from 1 to 92. :) so have yourself a merry little christmas, baby andeng!

Abaniko said...

She can't eat ham on Christmas just yet, right? No matter, she'll have the grandest time staring at the twinkling bulbs on the Christmas tree. :D

lady cess said...

oh my, seems like only yesterday when i read that she was born. ang bilis! sooo cute!

ScroochChronicles said...

I'm sure this will be one memorable Christmas for the whole family. Babies have a way of injecting so much joy into the holidays. And I'm pretty sure that someone I know will truly be one of the happiest people this season :)

Lazarus said...

the little baby may not remember her first christmas, but with this pic and post, she'll be truly amazed how her lola described it for her.


Em Dy said...

And I'm sure everybody will be excited to get Andeng a Christmas gift. Which one will she like best?

MONACO said...

I recall my nieces' first christmas too. I doubled the lights on the tree and even put those fake icicles to add more glitter. the look in their eyes as they watch those flickering lights is priceless!

Noemi said...

he likes the Christmas lights. How blessed you all are!

Rudy said...

So what did the newly inducted grandma bought for her new apo? ;-)


Anonymous said...

It will be a memorable Christmas with the first apo :) Children are always a joy to the family they say ! Congrats :)

Belle said...

she has the most beautiful eyes...fixed on the blinking colorful lights.

i also think of getting rid of my Christmas tree year after year for a live one but hubby thinks live one is fire hazard, so, i am stuck with the same ole plastic one.

Leah said...

She is just 2 months? Wow, so chubby and cute, sarap kurutin.

I can see she is really thrilled with the lights. Happy Christmas Andeng!

Marty said...

What a cutie. Why Andeng? Merry Christmas to you all!

Annamanila said...

Hello, all. Thanks for dropping by to see my Andeng and her first christmas tree.

Yes, babies are a wellspring of joy that brims over especially in the holiday season.

Lazarus, yes, I look forward to the day Andeng will see and read what has been documented here about her from birth onwards. :)

Rudy (sngl), haven't really thought what gift to give her, although almost everyday, from the office, I have a little smething for her. Dami na nga nyang books/edu toys that I have started to compile even before she was born. hahaha

Leah, when the pics were taken, she was 2-1/2 months old. As of today, she will turn 3 months in 5 days.

Lady Cess, bilis talaga ng araw. So that's how I grow old. haha

Sngl, i dunno yet what to give her. Although most everyday, I bring a little something home. Dami na nga nyang books/edu toys which I began to compile even before she was born.

Marty/marthalee! Maria = Maring; Gloria = Gloring; Ana = Aning. So Andrea = Andeng. Gets? (That's how Pinoys pick up their nicknames). Hey, you see how fast Andeng has grown into the dress you sent? Incredible, ha? Thanks a million. It's a beautiful outfit.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Myrna. It's nice to see such happy photos of your lovely daughter and grandchild. May your home be filled with many more happy memories.

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