Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MAGNIFICENT MOMMY MOMENTS (Spotty Mom Record - Part 4)

Indulge this momma one last time as she recalls luminous moments in her spotty album of memories.

  • Four little boys (ages 13 to 5) looking at their first baby sister (still warm from the hospital, now sleeping on her crib) -- silly grin on their lips, awe and wonder in their eyes.
  • Eldest son skipping afternoon class to hurry home to baby sister. His explanation: "Nangagasim ako."
  • Same son asking now two-year old sister for a kiss; scratching his head as little vixen kissed everyone -- dad and mom, kuya A and kuya B and kuya C and D; even kissed stuffed toy, pillow and chair; in fact, giving everything and everyone a kiss -- all except the head-over-heels kuya who was begging for one.
  • Receiving a cookbook for Christmas with the following inscription: TO MAMI, THE COOKER OF GOOD FOODS. LOVE, YOUR SUNS.
  • Receiving a birthday card with the following greeting: DEAR MOMMY, YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW IT, BUT YOU ARE ALSO PRETTY SOMETIMES."
  • Reading daughter's diary, squinting so hard at the deliberately misshapen handwriting; then at last coming across a line in big, straight letters, all caps: HI MOMMY, I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS. ENJOY!
  • Going home from shopping, tired, ready to drop; going straight to bed to rest; being asked by waiting children if she noticed anything; answering "no, what;" being asked again and again if she sensed anything new or different; beginning to feel exasperated and pikon from all the asking and the giggling and her not knowing; and finally being told: MOMMY, WE BOUGHT YOU A NEW BED. YOU'RE LYING ON IT. HAPPY MOTHER''S DAY!

Thanks. Won't mommy-talk for a while, promise!


Gina said...

Of course, you can 'mommytalk' all you want, and we would still read it. Very funny anecdotes.Di, ba, kids say the funniest & most unexpected things!? No mommytalk from this end until the time we get blessed with one. Probably,some titatalk for now =)

lady cess said...

hahaha! hi mami, cooker of good foods, now you know you are pretty - SOMETIMES :D lol!

Gypsy said...

Okey lang, cute naman mommytalk mo eh. But I had to gasp on your reading your daughter's diary, buti na lang she spills her secrets to you anyway., okey lang. Hehe.

vernaloo said... sweet naman ng mga kids mo Anna :)

Hey mommytalk all you want..ayan echo na ako nila Gina at Gypsy hehe :)

sexy mom said...

but they're fun, they're witty...mommytalks are always refreshingly welcome.


houseband00 said...

Hi Anna,

Share some more! You've spoilt us with your stories and we demand satisfaction!

Kidding. =)

dimaks said...

haha.. you wanted to caught something in the diary but unknowingly, you got caught first :)

pining said...

Very thoughtful and sweet kids you have :-) You must be doing something right... you raised them well :-)

rhodora said...

Okay lang, Anna.. ako din, I tend to blabber when I talk about my kids.. hehehe... Ang mga nanay nga naman. :)

kathy said...

Oh no, this is the last of it? More, more!!! :)

You must have been really, really dead tired not to have noticed that bed! Ang sweet naman nila.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment about my son's random conversations.

I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing those happy and fun moments with your children.

I found the cookbook inscription funny yet very heartwarming.

I love the note "YOU ARE ALSO PRETTY SOMETIMES." I'm sure that gave you a good laugh.

Thanks again for sharing and have a great weekend!

Analyse said...

moms shouldnt read their daughter's diaries no hehe.. huli ka.

annamanila said...

"Bow" and tenk you tenk you to all those who are asking for encores on mommy stories and asking me to mommy talk all I want!

Will do ... soon ... let the well recharge and spring out fresh water from the whirlpools of the mind. Ano ba yon .. lol. I promise I will get out more stories from my baul ... sooner than soon.

About my diary-reading ways. I don't condone it .. hwag tularan. Far from exemplary. But that's me. or was me. i could give noble excuses but not one will hold water. But i suppose i am lucky because my daughters accepted that bad part of me and even managed to find it funny and that was why i included that episode in my magnificent mommy moments (MMMs).

annamanila said...

And thanks to all those who shared their own MMM stories. Eh teka, di yata dito .. duon sa Pinoy Moms Network. Whatever ... cheers to all mommies of the world and their daughters and sons who manage to grow and flourish in spite of what their mommies try to do for them.

carlotta said...

hi! dropping by from sexy mom =)

you can mommytalk all you want. i'm not a mom (nor am i married) but i love reading stories like these. it must be really fulfilling to be a mum though it can get really tiring. i know i'm a great trial to my own mum hehe. ^^

Prab said...

Reading the mommy things makes me miss my mom. Good thing they're arriving this Tuesday from abroad for a month-and-a-half long vacation.

I love the mom posts, Tita. :)

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