Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peevish PV of the unwrinkled spirit

Dear PV*

87 ka na nga ba? Owws? Hindi nga. Yung tutuo?

We always love saying this, the UP ISSI staffers of my generation – "PV was looked up to as THE grand old man when we were young and callow and foolish. Now that we are old and jaded and foolish, PV has remained as he has always been." Time has seemingly stood still for him, and allowed us, alas, to catch up with him -- in a manner of speaking.

What is the secret of his youngish looks and longevity? Only he can say. But I can surmise (and I mean surmise beyond the clean, healthy, disciplined life he lives that is for all to see):

PV has amazing energy and vigor … a passion for being productive and creative … an obstinate refusal to be shunted away from the mainstream. He constantly makes himself better, looking out for opportunities to contribute, to help, to get involved, to guide, to lead.

Over the years, over the infrequent zig-zagging of our friendship, over our occasional "political" differences -- -- I have glimpsed love, warmth, sweetness and compassion inside that usually peevish and tough exterior. Malambing at mapagmahal si PV.

PV took me to his former classmate, then Philippine Constabulary Chief Fidel Ramos, when my father was detained at Camp Crame in the early days of martial rule. PV would buy oversized remote control cars for each of my five boys during his trips abroad, never taking them out of their big boxes -- never mind if they took up all the space of a big maleta -- the better for me to wrap them for Christmas.

When I rocked his boat and unwittingly created a leadership crisis for him over what I called "a matter of principle," PV sent me flowers.

I thought I had lost his friendship then ... but it didn't take more than a few months for us to shake hands, hug each other, and make up. The "I am sorry(s)" did not have to be said.

He understood even when we were standing poles apart on some issue or other.

PV has kept his soul unwrinkled.

Tough act to follow for all of us. But we can always try. I know I try.

* Message to be delivered in tribute to Dr. PV -- former boss and mentor at the UP ISSI, and now friend and fellow-SME advocate -- on the occasion of his 87th birthday.

Photo: “01-14-08- camelot” by Frank, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved


Gypsy said...

Hehe...I got so used to Facebook that I was actually looking for the "like" button. Haha!

Love this, what a privilege to enjoy such a strong friendship that can withstand that much crisis through the years!

dimaks said...

"PV has kept his soul unwrinkled" - my favourite line in this post.

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