Thursday, December 10, 2009


Anna Manila's In Another Dress

It was my first time to attend a book launching. It was also my first time to meet some of the mommy bloggers, whose blogs I've constantly followed before and with whom I have managed to keep my virtual connection through Facebook and Plurk.

The first person I met was no less than the author herself. While still catching my breath after a three-floor flight with a toddler in my arms, not knowing there is a functioning elevator at ISSI, I blurted out when she asked me if I am also a mommy blogger, "Kayo po si Anna Manila." To which, she answered "Ako si Myrna."

I was quite guilty when she asked me if I have seen her blog. I did actually that day of the book launch and perhaps even two years ago when I was still actively blogging through a blogspot address. I've seen her online through Pinoy Moms Network. But so embarrassing as it is, yesterday I just saw a glimpse of her blog.

She welcomed me and my three year old son to her book launch with so much warmth. Never mind if she hadn't laid eyes on me before that. I couldn't be grateful enough.

When I started reading her book, I was glued, hooked, addicted to it. I couldn't put it down. I felt for a moment I was in a world alone with her book. I felt I was with her, travelling with her through her stories. Amazed as to how great a writer she was. Her book is not a book with just one story, the kind which you want to read in one sitting to know how it ends. Hers is a compilation of her life's anecdotes, so well written that I didn't want to stand up and put it down. Hers is gathered from posts published in her blog, but made me savor every short story in one sitting.

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