Friday, June 5, 2009

What If ...

What if you had a barkada of certified platinum forever friends who go back with you to your maiden days, and the dearest of them had to leave for distant climes and couldn't come back and visit though she sorely wanted to and neither could you fly where she was though you had tried to put on wings and you didn't meet for 15 long years, except online, by phone, and in each other's dreams?

What if you learned the absent one could finally come home --"soon, very soon, in a month or so" -- and you began to count the days, while psyching yourself you shouldn't mind the waiting, now that you could glimpse its end, and you sometimes slept smiling, imagining the sweet day you finally see her face to face and press her close to your sun-drenched heart?

What if the barkada -- all ten of you with that one dear exception -- gathered one night ostensibly to celebrate the college graduation of one of your kids -- and then talk among you swerved inevitably, wistfully to the absent one's imminent homecoming and you desultorily began to plan a reunion itinerary, and then: suddenly, wonderfully, incredibly, the one being talked about walked in, as big and vibrant as life -- face glowing with anticipation, arms open to engulf you like a rising tide?

Here's what happens if all that happened -- and, believe me, it all happened.

Please click here to see what happened and please don't forget to turn up the volume:


gibbs cadiz said...

you're blogging again, yey! :)

Gina said...

Ang ingay ninyo ha!!! =))

naiyak ako. said...

OMG ang saya naman. what a wonderful reunion.

Did you know that I didn't see you for 20-21 years till that we met due to blogging. It's as if time stood still.

Sexy Mom said...

now i know what you meant that night. 'twas really an emotional reunion, to savor over and over again.

imom said...

Ooo, happy indeed! I'm sure wonderful and happy are not enough to describe that night. Glad you and your barkada were reunited. I wish for ours to be too. :)

Gypsy said...

Hi Anna, its also my dream to have this kind of get together with my Platinum friends but as with your case, we are scattered all over--! Sana..sana..:)

PS. I'm back blogging-finally, Hehe.

julie said...

Wow, what a joyous event! :) I am sure this has filled a gap of longing only a few can fill.

Arlene said...

I can feel the joys if being reunited with bff after a long long time...the video made me teary eyed. :)

freeze said...

haha i love this line... certified platinum forever friends

ysrael said...

Best Friends forever nakakatuwa.

Leah said...

What a warm and a happy reunion. I can hear and see all the excitement.
BFF talaga.

Rudy said...

Galing naman, I wish I could enjoy reunions as much as you do. Then again, I never attended any of my class reunions, haha.

vernaloo said...

my goodness! you guys remind me of my mother's co-teachers back home...all the ka-tita-hans.

Parehong pareho eh...pag nagkikita-kita =) yung tawanan and all.

this is heartwarming :)

bing said...

hi, bloghopping..

i admire the closeness. very seldom that friends will stay forever or that long. you are blessed to have friends like them..

Heart of Rachel said...

I love the note of excitement, anticipation and the joy in this post. I'm happy that you had a great reunion with friends.

myepinoy said...

there is a song called 'what if you' by joshua radin. it is a simple song. (yes, but please do not believe me.)

let me quote:

What if you
Could wish me away
What if you
Spoke those words today
I wonder if you'd miss me
When I'm gone
It's come to this, release me
I'll leave before the dawn

But for tonight
I'll stay here with you
Yes, for tonight
I'll lay here with you
But when the sun hits your eyes
Through your window
There'll be nothing you can do

What if you
Could hear this song
What if I
Felt like I belong
I might not be leaving so soon
Began the night believing
I loved you in the moonlight

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