Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Anna of A Thousand Stitches

There's a new Anna in my anarchic (well, almost) little world.

She came today in this tiny, silvery package.

She came fully authenticated and identified by its maker/giver.

As we hugged noses, I just knew we're gonna hit it off.

One tiny problem -- where to locate her.

Among the other Annas/Annes in my analectic corner?

Uhmmm, no. She needs a place to shine. Maybe a tiny shrine of her own nearer her new owner the better to know each other.

Lemme see. .... Here ...

There she is in close up. Isn't she beautiful?

(Hey there, you handcrafting genius from the peanut gallery ... you know you have made anna-der dream come true, don't you?)


Gina said...

aha! =P

I guess you'll hit if off...

imom said...

Oh so pretty! Gina, you are one talented lady!

Congrats, anna, for being the honored owner of a collector's item. Anna is one of a kind. :)

Leah said...

Little Anna is so cute.

Aren't you lucky to be owner of such collectibles. Me too.

pining said...

soo cute...lucky Anna :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

Little Anna is a cute addition to all your other Anna collection. I love her colors.

julie said...

Now that is a cute one, well, those are both cute Annas :D

Nice to see you again Annamanila and I hope we could do a repeat :D

Rudy said...

So what have you been up to these days, Myrna? Been a while since your last post... :-)

Belle said...

what a lovely present! and a collectible item? wow, lucky you. i want little Belle, too...he he.

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