Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Apo Andeng, at One

Let me count the ways
A year-old girl is made
Of sugar and spice
And all things nice?

Sugar? she tosses in the air
Powdering mom's hair, dad's nose
In sweet sticky chaos.
Best to keep spice rack
Pepper corns and chili bits
Out of that impish reach.

Nice? this minute, horrid the next
Now gurgling, beautiful eyes-ing
Coochie-cooing little wench
Bewitching by the simple expedience
Of close-opening tiny fists and throwing kisses
Like a crown princess.

Horrid? No, no, no, you say.
No, no, no she repeats
A decibel louder
As she reaches for the 'puter.
Watches, rapt, David Cook for a while
Then knocks out power button
Faster than Manny Pack-yaw.

What is a year-old girl made of?
Mama-dada-wawa talk
Taking the first wobbly walk.
Creeping out
Of mama's arms to freedom
Fraught with slips and bumps.

Little girl, this is the world
You've chosen
David Cook, Manny Pack-yaw
Freedom walks, fall n' stumble
Sugar and spice
Some things un-nice.

September 15, 2008


Gina said...

MC! You do churn out beautiful poems.
I wonder if Little Princess Andeng will get from her doting Lola this gift?

Happy Birthday to her.May she'll always be blessed.

Annamanila said...

Gina, thanks for reading this promptly. I sort of promised you this poem about the Apo, didn't I? I had to deliver. Am so glad you think it turned out fine.

O, you saw how antok and tired Andeng was looking when it was time for the cake?

Sexy Mom said...

and you once told me that poetry is not really your line--the understatement of the year!

happy birthday to Apo Andeng--she's so sweet and all things nice. huggable, lovable, oh, to be in the company of babies. hugs to her, and to the lola, too

Annamanila said...

Ty ty Dine for overrating my so-called poems. And for the hugs too.

Bravo again and again for the win! Truly deserving.

katcarneo said...

This poem is really beautiful, and so is your apo!

It made me feel the joys of motherhood (and lolahood!)

exskindiver said...

Beautiful poem,
super cute apo.
she shares the same birthday as my mother.
sarap langhapin yung pisngi.

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lady cess said...

how very sweet! the poem is so like my little girl, hehehe! belated happy birthday to andeng!

Rudy said...

Happy birthday to your first apo. Ehm, me kasunod na ba? :-)

pining said...

how cute (loving the cake too)!
happy birthday to baby Andeng :-)

Alina said...

Ang husay ng poem! Really captured dear Andeng's quirks. Lovet! :)

soloops said...

Ms. Anna,

Had to stifle the giggles while looking at Apo Andeng. She looks very much like my Zoe. Very penetrating kung makatitig ha.

btw, I love her dress. Fashionista si Andeng.

Gypsy said...

Wow, imagine having a lola who can compose a lovely poem for a beloved apo! Whatta treat!! :)

Abaniko said...

Your apo has beautiful eyes. Mana sa lola.

noemi said...

Happy Birthday greetings. Naku, how time flies.

Leah said...

Ganda naman ni Andeng! Love the dress and the sleepy dreamy eyes.

and yes , very lovely poem.

Galing ng lola oh!

imom said...

what a nice little poem for Andeng!

"Then knocks out power button
Faster than Manny Pack-yaw" - So you got this too already? Remember when we were playing a scrab game and Nate knocked off the plug? I lost to you (as always! At least may valid reason, hehe).

Birthday hugs to little Andeng!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Andeng. She looks so lovely in her dress. The cake is so cute.

The poem is beautifully written. Gift of words is timeless. I'm sure she will always treasure it.

soulsheik said...

Hi Annamanila,

I bet you were smiling and giggling while writing this piece.

Hindi maitatago ang saya at tuwa.Ang alindayog ng mataba at masayang puso, dinig na dinig kasit sa sulat.

It makes me smile and giggle too.

Cute ng bata. Happy Birthday.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your cute apo's first Bday :) I can see the Lola ever so proud of her grandchild :)

Belle said...

anna, beautiful poem that is fitting for the most beautiful apo in the world. happy first birthday to Andeng.

Anna said...

has it been a year already? before you know it, andeng will be churning her own poetry! :p

julie said...

Happy Birthday Andeng. my how time flies by so quickly. I am sure you have brought a lot of smiles and happy hearts to everyone around you :)

Rowena said...

Happy Happy Birthday (belated) to Andeng. How time flies talaga. Next time kasama mo na yan sa mall, only the two of you. Bonding with lola. Ang cute nya talaga...

caryn said...

wow, winner photo cake ;-) belated happy birthday!

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