Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm better read than heard. But still, nowadays, better heard than seen. Plus I never really overcame a bad case of public speaking jitters, despite my age, despite mind-over-matter mantras, despite numerous lecturing assignments where I work.

So when Noemi Dado texted me I was among three bloggers Lifestyle Channel wanted to interview for a feature on blogging moms, I hemmed and hawed.

But wait, I self-talked, giving myself more credit than I would normally claim: "You're now Annamanila, aren't you?" Annamanila, the self-styled goldie but goodie. The one Gibbs Cadiz describes as an inspiration -- ahem -- "for other seniors not only to embrace technology but also to thrive in it."

So I sent word I was game.

Even then, when video-taping day drew near I wished for a minor catastrophe. Maybe, I'd get sideswiped by a car and dislocate my ankle. Maybe an attack of gout would put me out of commission for a day or two. Maybe, I'd have sore eyes, or mumps, or measles or colic -- anything that would give me airtight alibi for ducking out of the dreaded taping!

But July 19 came and I was, alas, intact.

So, I showed up (as though I don't always show up) at Tea Leaf and Coffee Beans at Eastwood, where the interviews were held.

I don't remember much about that morning, believe it or else. I only recall a vague sense of excitement.

The production staff were fantastic professionals, who made us feel relaxed. The makeup man was a magician, whose magic I defied. Mas maganda pala si Chiqui Roa in person, and so slim! And Cathy Babao -- I was prepared to gush to her about her mom (as though there's anyone who doesn't gush over Caridad Sanchez). But I must have gushed over her instead, so floored was I with Cathy's mestiza looks and unassuming ways. And Noemi, my ole friend Noemi, was her usual poised and cool and charming self, still at that late hour trying to pep-talk me.

I don't know how the episode would go when it finally airs, how ghastly I'd look, how much I had stuttered, or even if they hadn't edited me out of it altogether.

Whatever, watch it with me ... this Friday night, 10 PM (replay the next day at 10 AM), Lifestyle Channel, Momworks. Mombloggers talk about why they blog, what they blog about, the unexpected rewards of blogging, and what it takes to blog.


ScroochChronicles said...

Yahoo!! I'm the first to comment!! Of course I will watch!! Can't miss that, for sure!!

chateau said...

Wow, your TV debut! Your official entry into the intriguing world of showbiz! You've come a long way, friend... (biglang "friend"! LOL)... How will I watch it eh, for the nth time, I don't have that channel. Please ask one of your kids to record it. Fleaze..

rowena said...

Hi my blogging-buddy, I will definitely watch it. Pag madaming ng tv guestings and you can't handle it anymore, apply ako sayo manager ha, he he.

Noemi said...

A star is born. I am so happy for you my dear. It was fun because we were all together as if it were just any EB except for the cameras and makeup.

gibbs cadiz said...

wowowow, annamanila on tv! kelangan mapanood ko 'to, hehe. :)

pining said...

congrats Anna :-)
I'm sure it's very good, wish I could see it... or better yet, put it on you tube :-)
ang galing!

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi annamanila, wow celeb! di na ma-reach. :D i agree, you were chosen for that interview because you're truly an inspiration to all moms.:)

i'm afraid, unless (ehem) some good soul uploads the interview on youtube (ehem), i wont be able to see it. *sad* but i'm pretty sure your interview went well and the show will be a success! :)

Jigs said...

So Cool! I will definitely catch the show! You shouldn't be so modest! Gibbs Cadiz was definitely in the right! Let nothing stop you from blogging! :)

Gina said...

=( Oh, I hate that I couldn't watch it Anna! I hope somebody can tape it and put it on youtube! Anybody,please??? =p

I am happy for you Anna. You are fast becoming a celebrity in your own right.

Two thumbs up from a big fan here.

Abaniko said...

Wow, celebrity! I'll watch you. :)

feng said...

good thing we have Lifestyle Channel. I'll definitely watch AnnaManila and the rest of the Mommies. can't wait for Friday night, to curl up in the couch with my legs up and with some doritos. :)

Leah said...

Wow! Pa-autograph naman. Like Chats, pa -record naman. Send me a copy thru Michelle ok?!

lady cess said...

aaaaaahhhhhh! (shrieking and jumping up and down ala-avid fans of the beatles)

and oooh, i love that phto!

snglguy said...

Ay sayang! My Dream satellite subscription doesn't have Lifestyle channel... tsk!

Anyways, congrats anna... :-)

Toe said...

Galing, Annamanila! Darn! We don't have that channel here. You should put it up on youtube!

myepinoy said...

WOW. This is one of the many good news I heard from you.

Now brace yourself for more TV guesting and of course truckloads of visitors and comments on your blog.

Pwede ba mag apply na PA, bodyguard, driver, etc... kahit ano.

"Yes, Your Royal Weirdness, at your service." bow.

raqgold said...

annamanila, let's have it on youtube, pretty please -- dont want to miss this!!

intsik said...

im so proud... ka blog ko ay celebrity! hahahahaha
amazing! congrats!

ill watch (basta bah at makauna ako sa landlord ko sa tv!) hahahahaha
youtube mo friend in case ha... hehehehe

congrats again!

Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats Annamanila! So sad, we don't have Lifestyle Channel on our local cable network. :(

Maybe a kind soul can upload it on youtube. :)

Jap said...

Anna, cheers! You don't only represent the 'goldie but goodie' but the whole Philippine blogosphere as well. It's not everyday that a citizen of the sphere gets interviewed on TV.

And btw, you look smashing =)

carlotta said...

oh man! wala kaming cable! :(

it's good that nothing untoward happened, or else your fans won't have the chance to see you. =)

geri said...

"the self-styled goldie but goodie"

"The makeup man was a magician, whose magic I defied."

Ms. Anna, you write the funniest lines. You had me burst out laughing.

ScroochChronicles said...

just saw it on lifestyle!! Galing!! You looked fabulous :)

niceheart said...

Wow. Congrats miss annamanila. TV celebrity ka na pala.

I also have the same perception of myself. That I'm better read than heard. :) I have a tiny voice kasi and I am an introvert kind of person too. :)

dimaks said...

so may nakapag-record ba? at paki-upload na sa youtube :)


hi. :) I just saw your feature on the Lifestyle network. :) I think it's great that adults are getting into the blogging habit, just like us teens and kids. :) It's really a way to get away from the world and share with other people our experiences.

more power! :) God bless you and take care. :)

cathy_bythesea said...

Hi Myrns, finally had the chance to drop by :) Loved you on our TV guesting. Gibbs is right, you continue to inspire many golden mamas. I do hope you push through with your dream project. Let me know so I can help you out. God bless! P.S. may replay na naman tomorrow at 6:30 PM

marviluz said...

Hello po! Dang here, 22 from QC.I just watched the replay kanina and I agree with everything you said about blogging. I'm sure I'll be proud to have you as a mom (if I am to be your child). Haha! I do keep a personal blog. Just something to pour out all my emotions, rants, and as you've said - self-discoveries. Not a perfect writer though (actually I'm more comfortable with my everyday linggo). Keep it up! :p

abloggertoo:) said...

(just dropping a comment,) OMG i just watched it so i thought to check out your site ^_^

for me the best thing in blogging is gaining friends aside from therapeutic benefits and the fact that it's an easy way to explore the happenings around the world. i mean my page is alive because of friends :p

anyway 4 thumbs and toes up for the blog!

exskindiver said...

so it aired na ha.
i too will wait in the hope that it gets youtubed or something.
i bet you were just fabo.
and i agree--
you have the best lines.
(believe it or else)

rowena said...

Hi Myrna, wow, I've watched the interview over Lifestyle Network. I was in a hurry to set the vcr, dvd or whatever is available but can't find the cord. To make it faster, I recorded it in my cell. Will try to upload over at YouTube. Congrats again.

Belle said...

you look great annamanila! sexy and stylish! too bad though, we were not able to watch the interview from here. you think you can upload it on YouTube?

evi said...

kudos to you, ma'am anna!

WindowShopper said...

Hi I saw a portion of the interview and I got so excited because I have been wanting to find a group of mom bloggers. I just started and really want to participate in the pinoymom site.

I wrote you editors at the said site but have not gotten a response? I am really interested in writing about motherhood.

Annamanila said...

A quick reply to Windowshopper!

There is a register button at the PMN page -- at the left side bar, near the bottom. Go and enlist. PMN is great for mommy sharing.

WindowShopper said...

hi annamanila, i did register but can't find button to send to editor my article. Just wondering how to get approval to publish on PMN.

annamanila said...


If you have registered, then you can now submit your article to one of the editors. Please try to send it to the parenting editor:
Dine Racoma at

Windowshopper said...

Thank you annamanila. Will do that. Hope to meet you one day so I can personally thank you for being so helpful.

annamanila said...


Be careful what you hope/wish for, you just might get it. hahaha
seriously .. why not!!

annamanila said...

Hello all!

To all who watched, attempted to watch, were interested to watch the Momworks special on mommy bloggers!

Thank you very mucho.

Shame on me .. I still haven't seen the show.

I don't have cable tv so I sent word to my sis I will watch it in her home in Novaliches. But telecast night Friday threatened to be stormy, so I cancelled it. The following day, we (family) went to Pagsanjan and checked in at La Corona where there was cable TV. We were there after lunch -- just when the morning replay was over. Then Noemi texted me there was another replay at 6 pm the next day, but by then, we were out of there and traveling back to Manila.

Hahaha. So funny. What is it telling me?!

Anyway, the Momworks staff has promised to send us a CD of the show. So .. there is hope I can watch it and see myself on TV for first time.

auee said...

wow ang galing-galing... No I haven't seen it but still nakakabilib talaga. Were you jittery or camera-shy?

annamanila said...


Sabi nila (those whow watched) I looked relaxed. Omg, incredible! So I guess I was able to keep my jitters in check. :)

kathy said...

Hey congrats!
Any chance a copy of the video is available on YouTube already?
Would definitely love to watch my favorite rocking/thinking blogger. :)

annamanila said...

Rowena recorded it and that was how I saw it ... on her phone (cum camera cum video recorder) last night when we met at the bloggers party. I dunno if she would put it up in her site.

Anonymous said...

Hi annamanila! :)
Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

Watch the video here.


Noemi said...

I have the youtube version in my blog

myepinoy said...

Ito ang video from youtube:

annamanila said...


Thanks for sending the link. Thanks for the (once-in-a-lifetime) experience!

annamanila said...

Noemi and myepinoy!

thanks for sharing. I should put a link in this site -- just as soon as i figure out how. Knowing myself, I'd say, don't hold your breath. haha.

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