Friday, June 22, 2007

Seven (Un)Fashionable Things About Me

In response to Prime-time gal Noemi's tag, here are tidbits about me that relate to beauty and fashion.
I am a late adopter of fads and style. I began to wear the mini when it was on the way out and then I so liked it that I continued to wear it well into two pregnancies. It also took a while before I went for shoulder pads; I still wear them now -- when nobody else ever does -- and am sworn to wear them till death do us part.
I love scooped necklines but not when it plunges even one bit. So I sometimes wear my blouses baligtad because the backside is more hapit sa chest. When some of my friends have the temerity to ask why I am wearing clothes back side front, I just say I am starting a trend. But nobody has picked it up. Why kaya?
I hate going to a beauty parlor. I am peeved when someone not my son or daughter calls me "mother." I hate being asked who did my hair last as though the person who did deserved to die. As a result, I have usually gone "do-it-myself" for manicure, pedicure and hair coloring. I have even tried perming my own hair.
I have worn my hair in its current style for a good part of three decades -- the reason why my old friends still recognize me through thick and thinning hair. (By the way, my daughter cuts my hair and may be cajoled to do my nails too).
I am devoted to brands and shades. I have seen Kanebo foundation rise in price from P50 to P550. When my Kokuryu "Passionate Red" lipstick was phased out, I wrote the manager thrice to put it back or at least run a batch for me even if it meant buying a hundred sticks that would last seven lifetimes. I was about to mount a rally at the Kokuryu factory when mercifully, I found a comparable shade of red in the Revlon line.
I am perfectly okay with two pairs of footwear, two handbags, and no jewelry.
I have never gone to a gym nor undergone professional facial, skin peeling, wart removal, botox, eyelift or similar procedure. And the only time I had a professional make-up done on me was on my wedding day. I am threatening to go through all these next year for my high school reunion, as I am batting for Homecoming Queen.
Out of topic ... I also like to write memes with tongue in cheek.
I tag anyone and everyone who might wish to share his or her fashionista secrets.


gibbs cadiz said...

"When my Kokuryu "Passionate Red" lipstick was phased out, I wrote the manager thrice to put it back or at least run a batch for me even if it meant buying a hundred sticks that would last seven lifetimes. I was about to organize a rally at the Kokuryu factory when mercifully, I found a comparable shade of red in the Revlon line."

Annamanila! You killed me with this one, hahaha! :)

kathy said...

Woohoo! Annamanila for Homecoming Queen of Class ?? in Torres! :)
Like you, my Mom also wore a mini even when she was pregnant - according to my cousin. The same cousin also added that she could see my mom's underwear everytime she picked something up...hehe. :D

KK said...

Wow Ate Anna, you are low maintenance :) , your husband must be very happy ;) .

snglguy said...

You wear your blouses baligtad? Are you afraid of getting lost? :-)

Annamanila said...


Some things in this entry may be a bit exsazh (hayan, i used to write this exaj!) but the one on lipstick is all true ... well except i wrote only twice and .. i dunno about the rally. haha

Annamanila said...


Yup, talagang pinapakita ang panty nung araw. haha

I have never won a beauty contest ... bakit kaya? Pero one never knows, di ba? :)

Annamanila said...


I guess you might say that. Low maintenance = poorly maintained. haha

Annamanila said...


I was about to add that little bit about not wanting to get lost when I was editing this entry but I desisted on second thoughts. I thought I'd wait for someone to remind me of it. Congrats! :)

lady cess said...

hahaha! ang cute ng post na to! ang galing! hanapan ng memes si AM!

Annamanila said...

Lady Cess!

Yup, about the only time i go cute is when i write memes. The topics I choose for myself are almost always serious. :(


I read your beauty secrets ... and you're just a natural. :)

Leah said...

So do you still perm your hair? And to do your own manicure/pedicure? Medyo mahirap di ba?

And pls, pls..get rid of the shoulder pads. Its so ouuuut...

This is a cute meme.

faith said...

Ms. Anna,

I have a question:before you wear your blouses baliktad, did you, by any chance, remember to take off the label?


O di ba, I told you, ikaw ay bukod-tangi. Imagine writing kokuyu's manager. hahaha.

Annamanila said...


I haven't permed for three years. But I will .. soon as i get perming curlers from Hortaleza. lol

Manicure pedicure .. medyo mahirap nga lalo ngayon hindi na ako makapag-acrobatics. Sa tutuo lang, lately, i got someone to service my nails sa office. But you don't explain lotsa things in a meme, di ba? haha

Shoulder pads make my narrow shoulder more model-like ... haha ... so no way that i would part with it even if ikahiya ako ng blog buddies ko. :)

Annamanila said...


No, I don't remove the label ... kasama sa style yun. :)

I have used the power of a letter on so many things. :)

Ty ty i know high praise when i see one. :)

evi said...

interesting. i think you are one very confident woman. and i mean this in a good way. we all know that most women are addicted to salon services. well, i always believe that simplicity is beauty. i hate to admit though that i can be vain sometimes.

Gina said...

Funny Anna! :))

It's been 'a million years' since I 'heard' those brands mentioned! Pls. don't tell me that you were once a San-ing user? hehehhe, I was!

Ohhh, those minis! My teacher in Grade 1 wore them a lot, and we were always treated to a her backside view whenever she picked up a chalk or blackboard eraser. =P

Good luck on the "Homecoming Queen"

Nice weekend to you Anna!

SASSY MOM said...

I had a good laugh at this post! My mom also hates being called "mother" by the stylists... that's why she hardly goes to any except to where I go to.

Thanks for sharing!

Annamanila said...


I am as vain as the next woman ... iba lang talaga ang style ko. I wear cosmetics but really prefr to do it myself.

Yung jewelry talaga di ko type. I forgot to say ... no scents din pala. lol

Annamanila said...


Kanebo is still very much around and one of the best Japanese brands pa din ... i think. hehe Kokuryu .. hmm ... hindi ko masyado nakikita.

Ty for the HQ good luck wishes haha

Annamanila said...

Sassy Mom!

Sometimes I realy make my writing droll for laughs especially if there's nothing else you could draw from it. hehe

Ty ty

chateau said...

I'm LMAO with this post! So ito pala ginawa mo while on leave ha..

"I hate going to a beauty parlor. I am peeved when someone not my son or daughter calls me "mother."" - Ang taray! hahaha

Annamanila said...


I also scrabbled to the death that Friday off.

Taray ba ng lola mo? haha

Play you online (and off soon). :)

auee said...

Seriously, no handbag? How can you survive? hehe

Did the Kokoryu manager ever replied?

Jigs said...

I never follow fads, I'm weird that way. hehe. Plus, I stay away from patterns and prints, I'm more of a solid color type of person.

It's always best to go with what you're comfortable with and I think that's what you're doing. :)

SexyMom said...

there you are - with the classic behaviour of an (un) fashionable lady. BUT you are able to get away with it. with the looks, the aura and the mystery, who would say you are un (fashionable)! who would say you have never been to a gym! or gone to belo's.

but yes, for #2, why not slowly unshroud the mystery, since no one after all is following the trend you have set for how many decades now? and who knows, pampering--nail and hair works or facial would relax and rejuvenate you.

there are very few women who look so good in red lipstick (and we are 2 of them, lol!)

and HS classmates, be wary, watch out, a highly fashionable Annamanila is a-coming!

Annamanila said...


What I am trying to say is I am content with two handbags and 2 pairs of in my cabinet na pinagpapalit palit. haha Hindi talaga fashionista. haha ... hindi marunong magterno. :)

Annamanila said...


Way to go ... with what we are comfortable with! :)

Annamanila said...


Joke lang yung iba dyan ... hehe ... well not really. But more of exsazh. Mapagtawanan lang ang sarili. hehe

Talaga .. mukha na ba akong nagpa-botox? Mahirap daw magsmile pag nagpa-ganun ah.

Unshround the mystery. Ala Greta Garbo ba? haha

Ty ty for the underhanded compliments na pilit kong binabasa. :)

Belle said...

you wear your blouse baliktad???? you are the first person to admit that. that is weird! hehehe.

kelan ba ang birthday mo Anna?

ScroochChronicles said...

Kamusta po! I've been stalking your blog for some time now but kinda dyahe to comment. Now di na kasi discovered na you're...well...lucresia kasilag pala. Cute..loved this post to death.

P.S. Loved your "royal weirdness" post. Thought of challenging but I don't think I can get any weirder than that.

noemi said...

hehe, I used to be like you, wearing ony RED lipstick until my daughters poked me into getting another shade. these days I use plum shades. I tend to wear one type of footwear till it rots . same goes with my handbag

Toe said...

Torres High School? Parang my boss went there too. You are so funny. I think I will be a plumper version of you when I grow older... ganyan din ako... very unfashionable. :)

Analyse said...

after reading this post, i just had this impression na magkakasundo tayo hehehe..

julie said...

Ay, we are alike in some ways. Except the Kokuryu and Kanebo! LOL talaga! Kakaloka!

Homecoming Queen? The best!

Love you Annamanila! :)

Annamanila said...


Paminsan-minsan lang naman. haha.

I am a Taurean -- does it figure?

Annamanila said...


Hwag naman Lucrecia K -- she is (was?) a venerable and gifted lady) of the arts. Lucring na lang. hehe

Wow, parang tickled yata ako that I am being stalked. Please go on stalking. Joke ... thanks for delurking.

You should have joined the contest -- i lost.

Annamanila said...


I can't believe you wore a pair till it rotted. Parang it's something that I could have also said. haha

Annamanila said...


You .. unfashionable? Teka. Was that you we met at The Block? The memory does not square with unfashionable yata. :)

Your boss must be magaling if he came from THS. haha

Annamanila said...


That sounds very promising. Ty ty.

Annamanila said...


Ayy at last, someone wants to pick up the fashion trend I began. haha.

Luvs ya too!

diogenes said...

Your simplicity has crisma of it's own. No?

Annamanila said...


Charmingly unfashionable? I hope so! Ty ty

You can also try fashionably unfashionable. :)

jerry said...

Yes, annamanila, i can almost see your tongue poking your cheek and making it puff as you wrote this. Here's to self-directed humor!

Annamanila said...


Bravo for being perceptive. :) I hope you keep on reading my pieces -- tongue in cheek, cheeky, or pomp-assed .. whatever. Ty ty

ScroochChronicles said...

Hello again!! Lucresia pa naman siya. BTW, sino nanalo?

exskindiver said...

annamanila hi!
i challenge your tongue to a
cheek to cheek battle! (wha?)
Answering a beaty tag, my first one was Preparation -H hemorroidal Ointment. heehee.

Your hair's current style looks good on you. Perhaps that's why there has been no reason to change it?

Oh and Anna I ALSO USE shirts baligtad for the very same reason!
the black shirt I am wearing in my beauty tag post is in fact baligtad because the cowl neck was so plungingly scooped so I wore it in the back--.

are you sure you did not give me up for adoption? Mom? Mooother?

Annamanila said...


Chateau won. For particulars of judging, look at Judge Chesca's very analytical recap. You would think this was the Palanca Quirk category.

You know, if it weren't my own contest, I would have protested. hahaha.

Ty. Been to your chronicles -- galing ah.

Annamanila said...


Omg! I never LMAO-ed as hard as I did just now ... reading your post.

Do you think when we meet there will be 'lukso ng dugo' -- the kind of scene we only see in the moviews?

Hey, I don't like it one single bit that you also wear your shirts baligtad. You, second rate tryinghard copycat you. :)

Ay naku ... am really straitlaced you know. I camp it out here because I am a closet Mae West.

Major Tom said...

I didn't expect that I'd be sharing this unsual inhibitions to go to beauty parlors. I have to think a thousand times before I'd enter one.

Often I question my intentions in going or planning to have my hair by a beautician, as most of my friends are wont to do. Am I that vain in order to look good? I am married and having kids and I didn't feel so right to be so vainous like I am still a young debonaire---like I thought I was once..:)

Annamanila said...

Msjor Tom!

Once a debonaire, always a debonaire! :)

If you're uncomfortable going to a beauty salon .. then go na lang to a barber shop which I think also offers extra personal grooming services, almost like a salon.

rowena said...

hi. nakakatuwa your post esp. about the baligtad shirt. wow, you can pull that out....btw, do you have more stories re: women betrayed? been reading your site and have recommended it to my friends. am also a new mommy blogger. cheers to us...

Annamanila said...


So many things we can pull out if we don't mind raised eyebrows and mirthful faces. haha

As a matter of fact I still have a few "women-betrayed" stories. Yup, I think it's about time to post another.

Wait for it, ha?

rhodora said...

I have never tried facials too. No special cream on my face. I want nga to find one that will erase my lines.. hehe

Ah, the mini! Remember, paiklian noon? Haha!

Annamanila said...


Just call them laugh lines ... though they don't go away when we're done laughing. haha

Micro mini di ba? :)

sheilamarie said...

Anna! haha! I had a great time reading about your "fashion secrets". especially your devotion to brands and shades =D

i don't think i have any fashion secrets, tho. i'm a jeans w/ t-shirt girl, no trips to the spa or parlour for me except to have my hair cut once every year (or two). and no make-up either =D would you believe, i'm the one waiting in the reception area of the spa where hubby enjoys the once-a-year facial thingy. LOL!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Anna! I really enjoyed reading this post. In fact, I read it twice. Sobrang naaliw kasi ako sa answers mo.

My favorite is that part about the Kokuryu "Passionate Red" lipstick. I have never known anyone who would go the extra mile to petition a comeback of a lipstick shade. I'm impressed! :)

Annamanila said...


You know, I really notice that younger women generally go for au naturelle. My daughters for example don't wear the slightest trace of lipstick or powder, except when they go to parties. It is very very good, i think.

Well, try the spa -- it is great after 10-12 hours of backbreaking blogging. haha

Annamanila said...


I am also the only person i know who would go to such lengths for brand or shade loyalty. I have kasi this notion that there are only a few and very definite things that look good on me. Ay naku.

niceheart said...

I also have a blouse that I wear baligtad because the neckline is too low for my comfort. Probably, if I have cleavage to show, I just might wear a plunging neckline. :)

I also had the same hairstyle for about 20 years, bangs. I got rid of it about 3 years ago. :)

Wow, a daughter that cuts your hair and nails, your lucky. I remember when my aunt would also ask my cousin to pluck the hair on her armpits. She offered my cousin to pay her 5 centavos/hair, yata. :)

I also tend to stick to the same brand, until they phase it out and then it's such a pain to find a replacement.

Heart of Rachel said...

Yes Anna, please pass it on to 5 blog friends of your choice. Enjoy! I'm off to bed now. Good night!

sasha said...

Grabe, I was laughing so hard with the Kokuryu lipstick, tita! You're one in a million! Hahahaha

I enjoyed reading this post sobra. I know you much more than the last time I talked to you po :)

Toe said...

My boss is really magaling Annamanila! :) And I know she met some old friends from THS here too... oh yes... she's a she. :)

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