Friday, May 11, 2007

The Child is Father of Man: A Mother's Take

The best teachers learn from their pupils.

The best parents learn from their children.

Why not.

A child is honest and unimpressed. He says unabashedly that the "emperor has no clothes."

A child is curious. Tell him that God made him and all other people, and he would want to know who made God.

A child is simple. He asks questions. He isn't afraid to say he doesn't know.

A child has a gift of wonder. His heart leaps up when he sees a rainbow painting the sky or a lizard trying to catch a fly.

A child is fearless. He doesn't yet know that strange-looking people are not to be trusted.

A child knows how to love indiscriminately. He loves the kid next door even if he lives in a shanty and doesn't have gameboy and tv. He loves pets even if they drool, are unruly, and smell funny.

A child is intuitive. He senses when he is truly loved. He feels beyond the mouthed "I love you's" and the token hugs and kisses.

A child knows ... he simply knows.

Why is childhood a metaphor of the human ability to see what is true and good and real? Why does the child intuitively understand nature and the universe? Is it because he is still connected with pre-birth existence? Or because he has a mind yet uncorrupted by so-called reason?

I really don't know.

All I know is that I have children:

  • Who taught me to welcome cats and dogs into my house, even and especially when they are stray, abandoned, and dirty.
  • Who made me believe they had seen and talked with God as children although they do not remember how the conversation went.
  • Who had, as children, enigmatic friends suspiciously named Morfan, Karmol and Duchay who I never met but curiously learned to like.
  • Who asked, when I insisted they went to church, whether God wouldn't have liked it better if they helped someone sad or hard up.
  • Who told me I would have been a cooler mom if I knew how to listen more.
  • Who, when I fretted over a few thousand pesos filched from my wallet, urged me to forget it "because it's only money."
  • Who would tease me sometimes "to go, get a life."
Not too long ago, I was as usual brooding over slights (real and imagined) and problems (present and to come). My older daughter noticed, sat opposite me, and said: "Hang loose, Mommy. Look at me, I am always happy." "Really," I shot back, "Are you happy when you get tres and cinco in your class cards?" "Well," she laughed, "I'd be down for a while but not for long."

"Come here," I told her. "Let me hold your hand," hoping against hope that by some osmotic process her gift of happiness would rub off on me. As we sat, hands linked, I began to feel ... uhmm ... almost happy.

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Pinay von Alemanya

Leah said...

Hi Anna,
the joys of being a mother and re-learning the beauty of child hood all over again is simply a gift i always am thankful for. and i can see, so do you.

happy mother's day

exskindiver said...

greetings on mother's day.
this is a unique post
(a mother's tribute to her children).
it is like a reversed circle of life.

julie said...

Dear Annamanila, you touched my heart, as always,with the way you weave words to say what comes from your heart.

Happy Mother's Day to you. Cheers!

ladycess said...

wow, i love that moment with your daughter. i want one just like that :)

nice post. made me do a lot of nodding :)

annamanila said...


Hi. I visited your blog. Marikit, maningning, matulain. Kakaiba? Will tell my blog boddies about you.

annamanila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
annamanila said...


Yes. A blogger called it "keeping in touch with the child within." Doing that now and then will make us more sublime,ha?! :)

annamanila said...


Oooh, it was supposed to be a mother's day post -- my feelings as a mom. But you're right -- I paid tribute to my kids. I got it upside down. LOL There's no Children's Day eh ... though it seems that everyday is theirs. haha

annamanila said...


We bloggers -- we touch each other's hearts, don't we? Surely you do mine.

Happy mother's day, Teacher Julie!

annamanila said...

Lady Cess!

You are a young mom -- you still have great moments ahead with your kids.

But, yes some of my children are so ... uhm ... wise and perceptive. I really get chastened by them. LOL

chateau said...

'A child knows how to love indiscriminately.'
-I am shamed by how unconditional children are, and how easily they let go of hurts and quarrels. So often I've heard VGood say "It's okay! You did not mean it." after a sister or cousin apologizes for something they did to her.
Happy MOther's Day, annamanila!

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day Anna! Thank you for sharing this lovely post. I admire you for paying tribute to your children on Mother's Day. May you have a beautiful celebration with people close to your heart.

gibbs cadiz said...

happy mother's day, anna! you rock! :)

krystyna said...

Hi Annamanila!
Absolutely, spiritual, lovely message from you.
Thank you!

krystyna said...

Happy Mother's Day!

ladycess said...

happy mother's day !!!

Belle TH said...

so true, anna! nice post! i did learn a lot from my children. They taught me to listen more, to not worry as I am a worrywart, and that it is okay if the house is messy...once in a while. And they are right.

annamanila said...


Thanks, Chats. Have a good one too.

Vgood seems to be a terrific child whose heart is in the right place. Like yours -- I truly believe. So I guess they learn from us too -- from what we do rather than what we preach.

Hey. Been watching out for you at isc. Hope our tiles meet soon! haha

annamanila said...


Thank you very mucho. Have a good one too with your precious little ones.

I guess I wrote about them because I don't expect a written toast to me today. Maybe they read and get the hint ha. :)

annamanila said...


I do?! So do you, so do you.

Have a good one with your mom.

annamanila said...


Thanks. I usually try to look inwards when I write. Hope the post doesn't sound too high flying. LOL

Thanks have a good one too with your kids and/or your mom. Will visit you sooner than soon.

annamanila said...


Thanks. Have a good one too with your kids.

Love your posts.

annamanila said...


Yes, you seem to be the type who listens. And who'd worry when the house is a mess. But let me share with you some quote I love love love -- A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME WHEN YOU CAN'T WRITE 'I LOVE YOU' ON FURNITURE THICK WITH DUST.

Of course, that is just a wonderful excuse. Ahchoo.

Have a good one with your lovely family, you super mom you.

Belle TH said...

before i forget, happy mother's day. i hope you are having a wonderful time with you loved ones. please take care.

mylene said...

mommy! happy mother's day! my first time to comment here.
malamang ubos mo na yung chocolate no?!! hehehe! tirhan mo ko :)

sasha said...

I love this post, tita! Nakakatuwa naman yung moment with your daughter. Kaka-inspire to write something about it. Will do nga :)

Happy Mother's Day, tita! Take care po, God bless and have a great day today! :)

noemi said...

Despite everything, you're a great mom . Happy Mother's day :)

annamanila said...


Ty, bonch. Iisa yung chocolate ... you expect me to leave some for you? What kind of fool am I? hehe

annamanila said...


I unwittingly deleted your post. Sus, sayang naman, ang ganda pa naman, so I inputted it myself. LOL

Talaga .. you will write something about it?! Sige, will wait for it. Won't breathe.

Sige ... let's have that lunch soon.

annamanila said...


Hope you had a great day yourself.

Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I could have done better ... but then I could have done worse. :)

Still trying mightily .. and failing often. Hope springs forever. :)

houseband00 said...

Happy Mother's Day, Anna! =)

Gina said...

Happy Mothers' Day Anna! Happiness & Good Health Always!

me, the bida in the story said...

hey mommy scrabbly! have you scrabbled your marbles lately?:) ...good to know you learned well from your teachers. hehe.. scrabs, happy mother's day. Aywabyu!

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi anna, thanks for sharing this lovely post! through it, i'm reminded that becoming a mommy doesn't mean i have to be strung tightly all the time. adulthood and responsibilities do that to the best of us, i guess.

anyway, (belated) happy mother's day! :)

sheilamarie said...

Happy Mother's day, Annamanila!

I love what you wrote about children, and about your kids =)

diogenes said...

A mother is a mother even on her own day. BTW, not that I want to dampen the tone set here but have you heard this folklore, “some guy killed her mom was taking her to throw the remains in a deep well. In the way, he stumbled and voice came from his mom’s body, be careful son, you will hurt yourself.”

You are a great mom and your children are lucky to have you. Congratulation to them. I loved this post and say, all the days are moms’ day. No?

BTW, what about that dinner…

annamanila said...


Thank you. Ay, lapit na din ang day mo ha.

annamanila said...


Thanks! Will hold your hand too remote control .. ok? Who knows?! :)

annamanila said...

You, the bida in the story!

Pasaway ha! Wuv you too.

annamanila said...


Hope you had a good one too with your Lucho/Luchito.

annamanila said...


Oh, what a story. A bit morbid ... but puts the message across with impact! and how.

Thanks lots, I should let my children read this post, Dio. So they'd recognize at last they have a good thing. haha

Dinner? Oh the mom's lunch I had with them.

Toe said...

Happy Mother's Day Annamanila! Oh, how wonderful... your children could talk to you like you're one of them. That's quite rare in Filipino families. You must be really close to your children.

Hey, your blog is really developing fast. I see your comments and traffic are really increasing. It's good to refer good blogs... especially those which are just starting.

Bugsybee said...

Hi annamanila! How nice to discover your blog. I like this post especially the first sentence. I appreciate the writing tipsytips, too. And I love (and always sing) that Beatles song.

" some osmotic process her gift of happiness would rub off on me." What a wonderful thought.

Know that I leave your blog with happy thoughts. Thanks a lot!

annamanila said...


I have this mantra: "Don't take yourelf too seriously."

And this might help too: "Don't sweat the small stuff. And all stuff are small."

Maybe those will help us hang loose whatever we do.

It is easy for me to say these things. But trying .. always trying. Sabi nga, fakeitfakeit till you make it.

Thanks. Hope you enjoyed Mom's Day too with your own little ones.

annamanila said...


Muntik ko na ngang i-delete yung comment ni 'the bida in the story" eh. Parang sobrang FE ano. Feeling equal. hehehe. But uhmmm that one ... she's really my best product. Ay sana hindi mabasa nung iba.

Ay someday, I'll blog about the people who helped me along the way. But it's too early to do that. You know you are alluded too, among others. haha

Basahain mo si bituingmarikit ha?

You're bloghopping, Toe. I hope it means you're feeling better.

annamanila said...


How nice of you to point out what you like in my blogsite. Comments like yours can really make my day.

Yes, I guess, it is possible to have abiding peace and happiness. There is a secret which is not really a secret. You know what I mean ...

I bet you're a honeybee. Will find out real soon. See you where you're at.

pining said...

yet another lovely post Anna, so delightful and honest :-)
Happy mother's day :-)

snglguy said...

A belated Happy Mother's day to you Anna. Ok ok I know it's late but, isang araw lang naman, eh, hehehe. :-)

annamanila said...


Thanks! We bloggers tell it like it is, don't we? In different, delightful ways!

All best, my friend.

annamanila said...


Thanks. I know your greetings are intact!

niceheart said...

This is a lovely post, anna. You write so beautifully.

And yes, I also learn a lot from my children.

lazarus said...

i learned a lot from my mother. I don't know if she learned from me, her only son.

But many times, she tells me to look into her eyes... and converse like we used to when i was still a little child.

belated happy mother's day, anna!

kathy said...

"A child is curious." Indeed! Just a few hours ago, Aya and I were watching videos taken the day she was born. She knows already that the baby inside my tummy was "her." But then came this question - "Pano ko pumasok sa tiyan mo?" Hahaha! I guess there'd be more of those questions later, so I should prepare myself!

Hope you had a grand time last Mother's Day! :)

Anonymous said...

a child's innocence is so endearing. your post reminded me of my own little boys. there are times i become short-fused as a result of fatigue that i forget that my kids' kakulitan is because they are kids, simple as that.

annamanila said...


Thank you! Tickling -- coming from someone i admire too.

Yes, i sometimes think i pick up more sense from them than the other way around. :)

annamanila said...


Please take time the time to hug your mom and chat with her like 'old times.' That is very important to us.

annamanila said...


Yes, be ready with more tough questions like that.

I used to have this illustrated book for children .. that explains procreation as a process of planting a seed by dad into mom's womb.

annamanila said...


Shortfusing -- that's something I do well and often. haha But then we make up di ba .. in our better moments. Well, at least, I hope i am able to even them out .. my good and foul mothering sides.

Dine said...

parenting is 2-way, we learn from our children, and there are times, rather than us being a pillar of support for them, they are our pillars of support. and what is amazing is that they speak out what is i their minds without reservation.

belated happy mother's day, dear!

KK said...

I love the way you put your thoughts into words.

sexy mom said...

your daughter reminds me of my 3 daughters who, though totally different from each other, love me unconditionally. eldest monica, 23, would always know what i feel at the moment. like soulmates. of, we fight, about her shopping, her shopping and her shopping.

th2 2 others are just as sweet, 16 and 14. the mere hug or kiss, or jst staying by my side is enough for me. and i also know when something is bothering them.

ah! the invisible umbilical cord that still exists between mothers and daughters!

amgine said...

hi there, sorry took me quite a while to visit your blog again. anyway, huli man daw at maganda naihahabol pa din, =) belated happy mom's day.


Dear Anna,
I actually posted an instant tula when I saw this beautiful referral you did for me but I dont know where it landed...somewhere there in the outerspace with my good thoughts for you.
Salamat ng marami,
di pa ako nakarinig ng ganitong
kay bituing marikit,

annamanila said...


Yes, I know how your children support you -- technicaly, psychically, oh, in many ways. You taught them too how to share, didn't you.

And yes, there is always a special connection between mom and daughter, whether it's love-hate, or love-love. But in the end, love wins out. Always.

annamanila said...

It's okay, i don't call the attendance na. Joke! Sarap mangolekta ng birthday wishes, huli man o sakto, maganda man o maganda. Hehe .. siempre pareho tayo di ba.

annamanila said...


that as for you .. the above was for you. hehe

annamanila said...


I am happy to see you again. Our paths haven't crossed for long and i remember that delightful exchange about ... muffins?

Thanks ... i always TH. haha

annamanila said...


Walang anuman hija
Ganyan talaga ang cultura
Ng 'ipasa mo' sa bloga
ay, ano ba.


Eh, nasaan na yung tula na nawala sa kawalan. Pwedeng humiling? Pakiulit?

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