Saturday, April 7, 2007


Christ died, Christ rose, Christ will come again.

This is the pivotal doctrine of the Christian faith.
I am not a doctrinal Christian and I hope I don't shock anyone by what I am about to say.

I don't care much if Christ died and didn't come to life again. If he were God or man or both. If he married or had children. If he experienced all the passions a true man is prone to.

No, I am not being completely honest -- fact is I would really rather that Christ experienced the whole gamut of love, lust, anger, joy, fear, doubt -- same way as you and I.

Christ is the Super Star who exemplified the universal values of love, forgiveness, sharing, selflessness. A great teacher who taught by doing. His humanity will not subtract from that greatness.

He showed us what a Man is capable of . He showed us what being created in God's image truly meant.

For me ... that is what's important.

But what's most important of all is there is a God of Christ and the Universe who is so big no one -- including the flawed, the confused, and the uncertain-- can ever miss Him.

(Photo credits: Tom J. Ranada, taken from the Manansala mural, UP Diliman Chapel otherwise known as the Church of the Holy Sacrifice. Thank you, Tom! Ang ga-ganda! )

Note: THIS IS MY FIRST PHOTO UPLOAD in this site!! And it had to be of the Risen Lord!!


Leah said...

As long as the faith is matter what God is...I believe.

So first photo upload huh, and i see you're playing around with the template too. I thought at first I got to the wrong page.

Have fun.

Happy Easter Anna.

annamanila said...

I am 100 per cent certain of my God who is all good and all merciful and totally indiscriminate. The only things I am not certain of are the labels. Thank you, Leah. I was reluctant to post that piece, afraid some people might find it blasphemous.

LOL ... you noticed. I don't know if this is an improvement. Not really satisfied with the look but I like it that it sets off my sections on quotes and writing tips.

sexy mom said...

first, let me congratulate you on your new design -- it's refreshing! neat! and cool!

as to Christ's humanity, He did live in this earth, and many have been written about it. it doesn't matter to me which is true or which is not, what matters is that He is my God, and I have placed myself completely in His hands.

Happy Easter!

annamanila said...

Sexy mom!

Yes, the other things do not matter, do they?

As for me, I revere him, admire him, love him -- Jesus the Christ.

Talaga ... you like my site's new look? Hmmmm Actually just experimenting. Playing around, sabi nga ni Leah. All best Dine.

julie said...

I thought I got lost somewhere along the way when i clicked your site on my links, Anna. Nice one. I see "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost. I have memorized that poem by heart when I was still in HS. Hmm...I think I need to brush up on my favorite poems and memorize them again (as if I have the time) :)

Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

myepinoy said...

I'd say Amen.

What really is the meaning of lent. The religion we grew up with put everything to us (including His death) as if it was our fault. The number one example is the concept of original sin. Why the sin of that legendary Adam and Eve have to go on for generations and extends to those that are yet to be born? Is this some kind of manipulations so they will maintain the status quo?

I was educated by priests and nuns and thanks to them because they taught me to use my mental faculty and not just follow what I was told.

And I am still a Catholic though but with a different view.

Going green ha? Part of your post- retirement options... Happy Easter.

pining said...

Akala ko rin naligaw ako!
Nice template, Anna :-)
Happy Easter and more uploads to come :-)

vernaloo said...

Hey hip and cool Annamanila!

Happy Easter!

Love the new template and wow...more pics/downloads to come ha :)

rhodora said...

Anna! Wow! Bagong design... Nice that your first upload is of the Risen Lord! Very apt talaga!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

sexy mom said...

son, JAngelo says wordpress has come up with more cool new designs. actually, if ever, i will take the one with 3 columns, i have asked my son to re-design mine, too.

annamanila said...


Actually, hindi ko alam na ganun ang title nun .. i just remember those to-die-for lines. I know you must like poetry -- you sound like someone who will. Don't ask me how I know. hahaha

Actually, I remember many of poems and oratorical pieces I learned in grade and highschool. But don't ask me presentations or lectures I made a month or a year ago. hehe.

annamanila said...


We have the same background -- and here we are both thinking freely and i guess ambiguously. You can't imagine how many years and how many times I tried to develop my faith through the Good Book. I love it, i know it's the greatest book ever written -- but I can't still shirk what something within me says -- na hindi lang ang book ang source ng truth. Ay naku. Takot na nga for me ang mga kaibigan kong strong ang religious convictions -- especially when i tell them that i believe hitler went to heaven because there's no other place to go. Ay naku ... enough said. Happy easter.

annamanila said...


Thanks. Maganda ba talaga. Sana mapaganda ko pa. Mas maganda yata sa wordpress ... pero nightmare yatang mag-migrate like what happened to you. Di ba?

Happy easter again to you and your lovely family.

annamanila said...


I just get tickled when you say I am hip and cool. Eh, gayagaya lang naman ako sa mga anak ko eh. At saka online I can be anything I want to be di ba. Shhhhh

Happy easter, Ms. Quintessential Cool.

annamanila said...


A friend sent me the 15 stations as drawn by Manansala duon sa mural sa UP Church of the Risen Lord. I got fascinated with the 15 pic -- tried to upload it to my blogsite. Nagulat pa ako when I succeeded. So I had to write something about the resurrection. Eh hindi naman ako pwedeng write na hindi tutuo sa loob. So I found myself writing about my spiritual belief o confusion. :)Ayun. Sana wala akong na-offend.

Happy Easter, Rhoda and family.

annamanila said...

Sexy mom!

Thank you for the info. Mabuti ka pa my Jangelo na techie at your beck and call. Meron ding akong nakakaintinding anak pero di kasi blogger eh. Dapat blogger di ba?

I am interested in new designs, and yes, talagang naghahanap ako ng 3-column layout. Wala sa blogspot. I understand wordpress is more flexible, mas madaming features. But what will it take to migrate? Baka ma-stress ako -- bawal ah. hahaha.

All best, Dine. Ty again .. ang bait mong tumulong.

kathy said...

This is such a refreshing new look for your blog. I love the green! Never be afraid to experiment, anna.

I must admit, I haven't done a lot of reflections this Holy Week. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Made me pause and reflect just now. :)

SASSY MOM said...

Whatever it is, I still firmly believe in the risen Christ... He is my Saviour!

Yeah! I also noticed the new design template, I thought I went to the wrong spot... but It's nice -- green is really a very refreshing color!Im also experimenting myself ... but I'm not an e-person so I'm asking the help of my cousin-in-law.

Nway, Happy Easter to you and your family!

lady cess said...

wow- new template!

double wow! your first pic in your blog is of Him! That's very admirable :)

jerry said...

You may seem confused or not sure about Christ's god-manhood. But at least you seem to be sincerely confused. May your confusions be straightened out soon.

dimaks said...

Can you put an image/graphic header to that theme? if so, let me know, I might be able to give you a little gift for it :)

I personally salute you on your reflections. As has always been my simple principle - do not be afraid to explore and ask ..go out. And I agree, truth is not confined to one single thing only.

Lucky us humans, we got reasons, intellect, and heart to deal with the things this world give us everyday. We got the inquisitive minds that ponder over matters that seem to bewilder and cloud our selves and not just rely on what we are told.

annamanila said...


Aha. I have said more or less the same things when I comment on your spiritual pieces.

About the header -- yes, how can I put an image to it? Can you help me? I tried to put that sunset picture into the header but couldn't. :(

dimaks said...

tita, may i have your email address? para di ako masyadong off-topic dito re your custom header :)

zahflo said...

It's Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, ung UP Chapel (Catholic). The Church of the Risen Lord is the one adjacent to it, yung may arc (Christian). :-) I belong to one of the oldest Catholic orgs in UP, tambayan namin beside the UP Parish. :-) Hay, namiss ko tuloy ang college days, mga misa sa chapel and the choir. :-)

annamanila said...


You're right. The Catholic church adorned with the Manasala mural is the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice. So UPSCA ka pala ha. (I always interchange the names of the two chapels. Eh, it happened that my topic is the risen Lord.)

Thans for the correction.

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