Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Best Is Still to Be

I am Anna, married, with six grown-up children, none of them married ... yet. I am so overdue to have grandchildren it nearly embarasses me.

What I'd really like to say is that I am old ... or newly old. As in 'joints-beginning-to-creak" old. "Given-up-on-all-those-anti-wrinkle potions" old. "Deathly-afraid-of-retirement" old.

I used to say I would have quit the rat race long before compulsory retirement catches me. Used to boast I would have said "goodbye," laughing and clicking my high heels smartly, before I am shown the door.

And yet, today, a few years to retirement, I still go to the same office that has put up with me for years I don't care to count. And it seems to me it would take six hunks and a straitjacket to yank me out of it -- come depature time.

Retirement to this "newly old" evokes images of --
  • Waking up with no more "jeez, i am going to be late" get up and go.
  • Dressing up for no occasion
  • Walks without direction
  • Coffee and lunch breaks uninterrupted.
  • The porter, the bag boy, the security guard greeting me but not seeing me ... uh-oh, why don't they see me?
  • Monitoring my children's whereabouts hour on the hour, till they curse the day mobile phones were born.

I am told that the aging population is a big one, thanks or no thanks to an improving life expectancy.

How many of you out there are as paranoid as I am about growing old? How many are unflappably cool about it? But what I truly wonder about is how many have overcome their fears and discovered the secrets to growing old and happy.

Share your anxiety! Infect with your cool! Out with your happy secrets!

Then perhaps more of us can truly say:

"Come grow old with me .. the best is yet to be."


Noemi said...

Myrna, you are an excellent writer . It's about time you started a blog. Who knows where this will lead you to? I promise to dedicate an entry just for you and to spread your blog to the world. Watch out for it. Maybe in 2 days.

annamanila said...

Noemi! Thanks. Can't wait to see that "dedicated entry" in your blogsite. You really inspire me. Would like to put more sections to this blog (like retirement options, links to SSS, GSIS, the Senior Citizens Office, Pagibig, learning a new craft, starting a second career in entrepreneurship). Can u teach this internet-semi-illiterate how?

ischelper said...

what can i say. you are just a wonderful, wonderful writer. you bring life to your articles. imagination comes alive. keep the keyboard clicking or the pen flowing. thanks for your friendship.

Dine said...


life is full of surprises, dear Anna,and the best is yet to come! i did enjoy reading your blog, and will continue to do so. i saw some similarities in us (you have 6, i have 7, you are nearing retirement, i have taken early retirement, i too write poetry). congratulations! you write really really well!

Zeny Ticsay said...

With your lyrical prose, you made growing old almost palatable. Please keep on writing. I am sure many people can relate to what you are saying. I will wait for more.

jerry said...

Let it be, let it be. Words of wisdom from the Beatles.

Jeannie said...

Hello Anna, I'm 38 yrs old but I wanna say, HAVE A HAPPY ENJOYABLE new life... retirement must be awesome for you especially with this blog!

I live away from my mother who is 63 years old. She's still working... she will retire soon (when she's asked). Living abroad, it's not easy to not see my parents especially at their age. I am married to an American, I'm a stay at home mom without income (YET!!!!!) and my heart goes out to my parents and their needs. I trust in the Lord though and will live just one day at a time.

I'll be checking out your blog from time to time... :-)
Take care!

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